I am an enthusiastic Colombian since 1989, studying now full stack web development in Northwestern University in Chicago. Petroleum Engineer from Universidad Nacional de Colombia, graduated in 2014, living in Chicago three years ago. Programming has been an interesting topic in my life creating a curiosity since I discovered in college studying my bachellor in engineer. Nowadays I am learning every day, improving my knowledge and expecting to find a good way to use it in my professional life as a web developer.

I have lived in many places in Colombia, my favorite is Medellin because is a big town where the people's culture is very genreous. I find in Chicago the same human behavior that I found in Medellin, is for that I feel I am in home.

I was raised with my mom and my brother. Frecuently we were to my father house to share time with my sibblings. All we shared time with video games, between all we I was the better. Since there, I had been interested to develop my skills with technology.

+1 (773) 355-8643